Thursday, January 27, 2005

Flailings for Power

Question: When your party is out of power, what will you do to get it back?
Answer: There are two things really.

First, you could impugn the integrity and intelligence of a perfectly qualified candidate for Secretary of State, like Barbara Boxer did with Condeleezza Rice. And you could compare anything remotely connected to the party in power like Fox News was compared to that despicable madman, Hitler. And you could even imply that the Republicans want kids to be without healthcare as John Kerry did in the Boston Globe article.


You could bomb police stations and polling places. And you could take hostages and behead them while making inane demands. And you could target civilians in Spain to make a political point.

I would like to commend the Democratic Party for using the limits of our system to their advantage. I may not always like how politics is conducted in this country but it is a whole lot better than some of the other choices. I would also like to commend our Founding Fathers for constructing a system of government that allows, or even fosters, the type of spirited debate that "shakes the dirt loose" and moulds the greatest country in the world.

But most of all, I would like to commend the people of the United States. I commend all Americans; Democrat or Republican; Buddhist, Moslem or Christian; African-American, Asian-American or German-American; but American every one; for being who they are. Random violence is always an option. Great Americans just never choose to use it.