Thursday, March 31, 2005

.:. WitNit .:.: The REAL Power of Blogs

Question: Is the blogosphere a community or an academic training field?
Answer: Maybe it's both.

I came across this older post on WitNit. Here he talks about "The REAL Power of Blogs". Even being a fairly new blogger, I would agree, to a point, with the post.

As a planner, I tend to see the blogosphere as a modern version of the market square, the place where the citizens conduct the daily business. Goods are traded, services are rendered and opinions are voiced, all of the seeming chaos comes together to form the life of the community.

Isn't it funny (as in interesting) that the academic sees the blogosphere as an intellectual exercise and the planner sees an organic community. I have a feeling that there is value in acknowledging both points of view.