Monday, April 18, 2005

Intelligence v. Wisdom Redux

Previously, on "The Flaming Duck"...

Sorry, I just had to say that.

A couple of days ago, I created a post about the difference between wisdom and intelligence. In it, I contend that intelligence is about thinking deeply and seeking knowledge (all laudable goals). Wisdom, though, is about synthesis. About using any knowledge you have and making it become "greater" than simple knowledge. Basically, I think that it is easy to think "too deeply" about any particular subject. When we do that, we lose the simplicity that only wisdom can see. More often than not, intelligence complicates; wisdom simplifies.

Well, I stumbled upon the ideal "intelligent" post. This post talks about happiness as a concept and makes some really interesting points. But I want to say;
This is an "intelligent" post but is it a "wise" post?
I would contend that the wisdom got lost in the intelligence.

For your further consideration,

  • Can someone appreciate "happiness" without going through the academic exercise that this author did?

  • If someone understands happiness without this academic exercise, are they still wise?

  • (and finally) If intelligent inquiry destroys your "happiness", is it worth it?

All I ask is that you don't call the ignited drake, "intelligent". I prefer to think of myself as "wise". At the very least, there certainly is no "quackery" here! >@