Saturday, January 29, 2005

Hear, Hear!

History is being made this weekend. The people of Iraq are voting in an Iraqi election. Dr. Demarche in a very moving post at The Daily Demarche makes this plea:

For all the Bush haters out there, for all the pundits who think it is clever to spell Republican with a triple “k”, I have a challenge for all of you. For one day, less probably by the time you hear of this, devote some of that energy to wishing success to the people of Iraq in this election. Forget for one day your raging anger and calls for us to abandon Iraq. It’s not going to happen, and for this single day we could use your support. You can resume your attacks on the Administration on Monday- because you live in a free land.

Put aside your biases for just 1 day and hope for the best instead of fearing the worst.