Friday, February 18, 2005

Trying to put out a fire.

Question: What does a blogger do when he is interested in MANY different things?
Answer: He makes two (or more) different styles of posts.

Now don't get me wrong. I think it's great that some blogs are very focussed (though I wonder about those cat people). I even link to many of those types of blogs. It's just that I am NOT that kind of person. I have many different (some say they are ecclectic) interests.

So what are those interests? I am a married with four kids ex-navy nuclear submarine sailor who ran his own upholstery shop, studied architecture, got a degree in geography, got another degree in urban planning, now working in Information Technology, love muscle cars, politics, religion and science, paint a little, write a little poetry, ... well you get the idea.

What this means to my blogging is that I WANT to post more than I have TIME to. So, you will notice that I have changed the structure of the posts a little. Don't worry, I will still use the question and answer technique to introduce a post but ONLY on those posts where I have something interesting to contribute.

For those posts that I find interesting but have NOT contributed something important, I will just post them with a quick comment (thank goodness for the Blog This! utility). Hopefully, you will find it easier to scan my posts and I will be able to contribute a larger variety of things that interest me. After all, the Flaming Duck is about things that interest ME!