Thursday, February 17, 2005

Ward Churchill may see some "market" pressure

Question: When is "free speech" not free?
Answer: When the taxpayers are required to pay for it.

Ward Churchill is looney. I actually have Native American blood in my ancestry and I think that Mr. Churchill does more harm than good. But he does have his right to free speech... and I have my right to ignore him. The bad part is that since he was on a tax funded payroll, the ignoring part was kind of hard. The linked story offers a pretty good alternative. Instead of sending the student aid to the school, it will go to the students in the form of vouchers. These vouchers will then help pay the salaries of professors. From the article:
Students can choose to go to schools that employ professors like Churchill or they can avoid them.
Let's see if Mr. Churchill becomes a "little Eichmann" when he has to compete for students. - Views - CATO - Striking a Deal on Professors' Free Speech