Saturday, February 12, 2005

"Reasons" for war.

Question: What were the reasons for the action we took in Iraq?
Answer: The threat of WMD and...

Now don't start with me! EVERYONE thought the threat from Saddam Hussein's weapons program was real (The program was real but the threat was not as grave as we all thought). I don't want to discuss that reason. What I want to discuss is the other reasons.

Unfortunately, I feel that the only way the Bush administration could get popular backing for a war was to "sound the war cry" of a WMD threat. I also feel that simply understanding what the Baathist regime was doing to it's own people (murdering, torturing, maiming, raping, ad nauseum) should have been sufficient. It makes me angry to think that one reason alone was not sufficient for many US citizens. But that's the sad fact.

I think, however, that there is an even more important reason. A reason that, if it were the only reason, would not justify an attack. But it wasn't the only reason and it's still important. That reason is gaining a US friendly nation in the area. We do have "friends" in the region but they are on the periphery and they are not always so very friendly. Don't you remember Turkey's withdraw of air base space? Saudi Arabia talks a good line but I am not sure a US administration can trust them.

With what I have just said fresh in your mind, go read "Iran's strategic spot complicates decisions" at A Daily Briefing on Iran.

Now, how do you feel about having a friend next door to Iran?