Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Flaming Gnome?

Question: What do gnomes and ducks have in common?
Answer: The both like to put out fires.

Say hi to Fred. He uses his stick to put out fires.

Fred was stolen by Nick Queen after a Bad Suggestion from Harvey .

Fred said he wanted to help put out fires but he's not very good (lit my tail on fire once and clobbered both of my feet with his stick!). He just needs to continue his journey. Please take him from me and post him on your own blog!

If you want to join the "gnome roll," send a trackback to Nick at
Chuck also would like to know where his gnome has gone. You can link him with this
Please take him from me before he does any more damage!

Update: I just found out where Fred got his fire fighting craving! The rude crew partying over at Chuck's blog tried to light him on fire! Come on folks, give Fred a nice safe home away from this insanity.