Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Terri Shiavo Questions

Question: Is Terri Shiavo capable of a recovery?
Question: Can eye tracking movements accompany a vegetative state?
Question: Is removing a feeding tube a Constitutional question?
Question: Can a "soul" exist when there is no brain function?
Question: Would you want to continue living if you were bed ridden and unable to eat?
Question: Does Michael Shiavo have a hidden motive?
Question: Are Terri's parents clinging to a false hope?
Question: What does Terri want?

Answer: Sorry, there are no answers here.

Your friendly ignited drake has intentionally avoided the Terri Shiavo question because I do not have the answers to these, and many other, questions. I am just very thankful it is not me or my family involved in this situation.

I lost both my father and my mother to cancer. Both of them underwent chemo and radiation treatments. My mother lived another fifteen years eventually succumbing to a rare cancer directly associated with the treatments. My father suffered through the treatments and only added a couple of months to his life, in the end wishing he had not treated the disease.

Decisions like this are INTENSELY PERSONAL. I distrust both commenters in the general public who do not understand the entire situation and those in the family who chose to make the decisions a public matter. Let’s all reign in the rhetoric and take the spotlight off this suffering family.