Thursday, March 10, 2005

Rather Proves Limbaugh Right!

Question: What happens during a near death experience?
Answer: The most important parts of our lives flash before our eyes.


With just one word, Dan Rather validated many of the things that Rush Limbaugh has been saying since 1999. The liberal wing of the Democratic Party has nothing new in the playbook. The old plays worked when an uninformed public relied on a liberal media as their sole source for information. Now the tide has turned. The new media, both professional and amateur, has broken that hold and there is no turning back.

For those uninformed few, “Courage” was Dan Rather’s sign-off remark for about a week. Then the execs at CBS made him change it. Well, last night, Rather proved that the sign-off incident has stuck with him through these many years. This is obviously a play from an old playbook. In his "near death sign-off," Rather took the most important day in his career to rehash an incident that was the most important to him.

But it is a little deeper than that. Why is that word so important to him? Think about the word “Courage” as a sign off. What kind of person would you need to be in order to choose that word? It may help to think about the rest of his good-bye speech last night. He thanked many people and then he started to spew something about all the downtrodden in the world; like those suffering under poor economic situations; like those journalists who risk their lives; like all who struggle against “the oppressors.” Dan Rather sees himself as the savior of the world and to those people he wants to give “courage.” It is only he who can right all the wrongs of the world. He is the uber-liberal.

So it is with a gentile wave of the hand that we bid Dan Rather a not so fond adieu. Have “courage” Dan, you’re going to need it.