Friday, March 04, 2005

Help me out here!

Question: What does a duck know about blogging software?
Answer: Not very much but maybe his friends will help him.

Well your friendly ignited drake has been blogging for about two months now. It has worked out fairly well. I've gotten a few comments and a few links, written a little and learned a lot. I chose to use Blogger because it was free, easy to set up and required no upfront committment. It allowed me to test the waters before diving in. Well, I have found the blogging water just fine and I would like to expand The Flaming Duck. Unfortunately, I, like others who have gone before me, have found limitations in the Blogger service. Some features are not available (I don't see anyway to categorize posts) and some features are only available as third party add-ins (like my previous comments listing running on top of the Haloscan service). Consequently, I am looking to move to something else.

So here is your chance. I would like for everyone to tell me the pros and cons of the software you are using. I am impressed by Movable Type and Wordpress. I like configurability. I like extra features. I would like to host pictures and documents. Because this is a personal blog, Mrs. Duck may quack a little bit at spending money for server space (spending "extra money" always puts me in the duck house for a while but I can handle that). So feel free to tell me how you feel about your blogging software choice.