Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Conservative Rally Cry for 2008

Sandy Berger. One name, two words, that should become a rallying cry for conservatives in 2008.

Your friendly ignited drake was actually a registered independent until 1999. I spent 20 years of voting willingly letting others chose the candidates while I got involved at the absolute last instant, the actual election. Bill Clinton changed all of that.

The Clinton administration forced me to become involved. And now, the attempt to destroy incriminating evidence only proves that the Clintons are attempting to salvage a failed legacy, probably for political gain in the future. With the MSM as willing accomplices, the full story about the Sandy Berger document destruction episode will probably never be known. But the real story is not about what Sandy Berger did. It is about how far Sandy Berger was willing to fall. This is more than helping the Clintons. It is about taking a bullet.

With the help of the blogosphere and patriots like Dick Morris, maybe, just maybe, we can keep such a corrupt family out of power. Read
this Dick Morris column in the New York Post Online Edition. Take the time to fully understand what Berger was willing to do. Then take special note of the last paragraph:
Any indication by the commission investigating the attack that the Clinton administration hadn't taken terrorism seriously would badly damage the former president's reputation and the former first lady's chances. Any loyal adviser would have worked to mitigate the possible damage. The measure of how serious the damage may have been is how far Berger risked falling to prevent it — and how far he did fall rather than reveal why.

In March of 1836, the rally cry was "Remember the Alamo." In March of 2008 the rally cry should be "Remember Sandy Berger."