Sunday, May 15, 2005

Ten Things I have Never Done

After a taking a short blogging hiatus, I needed something light to get back into the groove. Luckily, Professor Bainbridge obliged with a short meme called "Ten Things I Have Never Done." Here's my list. I have never...

10. Eaten a mango (but I like kiwi).
9. Painted with oils (I'm pretty good with colored pencil).
8. Scuba dived (only snorkeled).
7. Written a novel (just a couple of poems).
6. Liked Crepe Myrtle (in Virginia, that's weird).
5. Driven a Cadillac (more of a Ford guy).
4. Saw a need for napkin rings (but I like the fancy folded types).
3. Painted my fingernails (but I painted my toenails...once...on a dare...and they stayed inside my shoes!).
2. Wanted a cat (fish are more fun).

And finally, the number 1 thing I have never done (thankfully)

1. Gotten strep throat (go figure).