Saturday, July 30, 2005

Mom!! They're Making Fun of Me!

Question: Are jokes about a public figures appearance "fair?"
Answer: They're big boys and girls. They chose their profession. They can handle it.

Jannette of Common Sense Runs Wild and Jody of Steal the Bandwagon got into a bit of a tif about the propriety of making fun of public figures. Jannette likes the humor and Jody feels it degrades the discussion. Jody says:
[I]f we as society allow our media to continue to judge people on their "June Cleaver" hair cuts and their make-up application techniques, we'll be the ones to lose out as a result. Turn off the station that mentions the candidates hair and clothing. Refuse to buy the paper that insults the "fashion sense" of the educator. Stop reading the blog with the continued references to appearance when arguing against a person's position.

Cheap shots about someone's appearance is easier and usually better read than well calculated arguments against their position. With the possibility of one or two candidates for 2008's presidential election being women, I think it might get very ugly. I say, we take a stand now in the blogosphere to refuse to degrade a woman or man on appearance and degrade them the right way. On their qualifications.

Anyone with me?

To which Jannette replies:
Well not me, obviously. I don't consider it a function of my blog to offer straight serious political analysis. Oh sure, I throw some in every now and then but for the most part I spend my blogging time trying to make certain that you see as much humor and irony on the world of politics and the media as I do. At least I'm honest enough to admit that sometimes I am distracted from what Nancy Pelosi is saying because I'm trying to detect any movement, any at all, by her eyebrows.

Now I read both of the these feisty female's blogs and I wouldn't want to get in the middle of a real tussle (looks like they made up already anyway) but I really must agree with Jannette. There is a place for some really down and dirty humor at the expense of public figures. It keeps them real for us and it lets them know we are still watching. Most public figures realize that all publicity is good. To the ones that get angry I say, "Grow up!" The rest of the world learned to deal with ridicule in about the 3rd grade!

If you would like to read Jannette's post, it's titled
Common Sense Runs Wild: Thou Shalt Not Mock Helen Thomas.

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