Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bush Follows His Conscience

Question: What is behind a decision that surprises all the pundits?
Answer: Usually a good, sound conscience!

Political pundits, by definition, form their published perspective from a consistent political perspective. That is what they have found to be successful. That is why the media seeks them out. That is how they make a living selling books, columns and articles. So what does it mean when the outcome of a decision doesn't fit neatly into ANY political pundit theory? It means it was an APOLITICAL decision!

Dr. Taylor at Poliblogger nailed the "theory" behind the Roberts nomination.
Why can’t the assumption be that Bush picked Roberts because Bush thought Roberts was the best for the position at this time given the various factors in play at the moment? (and by “best” I mean from Bush’s POV)
This is the only "theory" that answers all the angles around Judge Roberts nomination.

PoliBlog: Politics is the Master Science � The Politics of Nominations

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