Friday, August 19, 2005

It's Time to Circle the Conservative Wagons

Our friend, Scott Randolph, is taking some heat for not volunteering for military service. From his post:
"Folks like Geoff, Hoyt, eaglestowings (all welcome commenters), have asked me when I’m going to enlist."

"Good question - I’m not. I’m a better citizen than soldier."

"Does the fact that I support our men and women that are at war right now, and believe in their cause, and honor their sacrifice, yet have no plans to enlist myself make me a hypocrite? a coward?"

I told Scott that the greater fight is right here in the states. It is making sure that the American left DON'T convince Washington the American people don't support this effort. We need brave young men and women right here shouting that the left are WRONG! Scott has engaged the enemy. Let's help him!

You can read his post and all the comments at Scott - One step further…!