Friday, August 19, 2005

Today's Example of "Typical Ignorance"

From "Ogre's View" comes a great little example of ignorance.
"An actual conversation this morning between the Ogre and the toothless gas station attendant:

TW (Toothless Wonder): That'll be $43.72.
Ogre (while handing credit card): Whew, that's quite a bit, huh?
TW (while taking said credit card): You're using the gold card, right?
Ogre: Not much longer with prices like these!
TW: It's Bush's fault..."

You'll have to go to Ogre's Politics & Views: Blame Bush read the rest of the conversation. See if you can find where the "Toothless Wonder" admits his ignorance.

I really believe that the Democratic Party and fools like "Toothless Wonder" deserve each other.