Thursday, August 04, 2005

True Knowledge Gives Us True Power

If Victor David Hansen were to say to me, "Knowledge is power," I would believe him. Mainly because I know that he actually understands how facts, figures, quotes and dates can be misrepresented to promote a hidden agenda. How do I know that? He has very succinctly stated so in an article titled Today's Politicos Invent the Past. From the article:
"First, in our schools, formal study of the past has given way to the more ideological agenda of the social sciences. Mastery of historical facts is seen as passe, while the less educated instead 'do theory' to prove preconceived notions.

Second, good intentions don't always equal good history. Being politically correct often makes us plain wrong, relegating history to melodrama and negating history's power to put tragedy into context.

Third, we're in thrall to the present affluent age, convinced that our own depressing experiences are unique, naturally dwarfing all prior calamities.

But history is not a parlor game used to prove a political point. Instead, at its best, history should offer us solace that we are never really alone."

It is so nice to see someone who values history for what is actually tells us and not as a prop for some half baked idea.