Tuesday, September 13, 2005

New Orleans Tragedy Explained

The problem in New Orleans was not Federal government. Or the State government. Or the Local government. It was in the condition of the citizens. Let me explain with an analogy.

A strong, healthy body is able to move more easily, fight off infections and live a better life. A weak body has trouble defending itself from all sorts of problems.

There are two articles that show how "ill" New Orleans citizens were. The first is an objective piece by Michael Novak that puts some numbers to the pictures we have all seen. The second is a subjective piece by Dr. Steven Taylor that warns of the dangers of unmarried parenthood. It also explains some of the pictures we have seen.

We can also carry the health analogy further. In this country, we take care of our sick. Everyone is uniting to help the homeless, New Orleans will be rebuilt and plans will be put in place to prevent the same tragedy from occurring again. Don't let political finger pointing distract us from the work at hand.