Friday, April 21, 2006

Countering the Hype

Your friendly ignited drake is old enough to remember the dire predictions of the 1960's concerning pollution. Remember the "Keep America Clean" campaigns that encouraged school children to create alarming posters of people living on mountains of trash. Many a protestor used Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" to vilify modern agriculture's use of pesticides. I vividly remember a tv commercial showing a weeping American Indian mourning the "trashing" of the United States. Yet, today, our country is the model of how a modern industrial society can create the goods while respecting the environment.

So, is the conclusion that the alarmists saved the day? I don't think so. Modern society could never have evolved if we had truly implemented the wishes of radical environmentalists. Can we then thank industrialists for ignoring the "tree huggers?" Not really. Businessmen are in business to make money and those goals often run counter to maintaining a proper stewardship over the earth.

So who gets the credit for the evolution of these wonderful times? I say we thank our founding fathers who created a system of government that protects our freedom ands allows all opinions to be voiced. This system fosters an interplay of ideas that results in a truly self-centering equilibrium.

It is with that spirit, a tug-of-war of ideas, that I reccomend a short article debunking the greenhouse gas myth. Read it. Ponder it. Use it to help seperate truth from fiction.

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