Sunday, February 06, 2005

**COUGH** (sniffle) !!sneeze!!

Question: Besides an elephant, what else can put out a flaming duck?
Answer: A NASTY cold!

Today is Super Bowl Sunday and your friendly ignited drake has been fighting a cold for over a week now. Nothing, but nothing, kills the blogging fire like coughing, hacking and sneezing as you are writing!

Consequently, I have not commented on several important events. The time I would have spent commenting on the Iraqi election, the SOTU and the reports of Iraqi Sunnis fighting back against insurgents was spent in bed instead. Anyway, I will hopefully post more frequently next week. Until then, GO BRONCOS! (What? They didn't make it? Well then... Philadelphia and New England! Oh well, it should be a good game anyway. You KNOW I only keep up with college football. Give me Kansas State and Texas A&M anyday...)