Saturday, February 19, 2005

One man's freedom fighter...

Questions: How do you tell the difference between carbon monoxide and "safe" air?
Answer: Carbon monoxide kills you.

I am sure you have heard it. You know...the phrase used by terrorism apologists..."One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter." This is usually followed by "the only weapon an oppressed people have is guerilla warfare" or "Paul Revere was classified as a terrorist" or something else equally inane. Some might even say that Paul Revere might have used an ambulance like this terrorist, if he thought it would work.

So what is the difference between a revolutionary and a terrorist? I feel the answer lies in motive.

A revolutionary is making the nation free (as in true freedom. See my Golden Quack on freedom). A terrorist is making the nation their own.

A revolutionary is selfless. A terrorist is selfish.

A revolutionary kills those who threaten him. A terrorist kills those who scare him.

A revolutionary is looking to unbind. A terrorist is trying to bind.

A revolutionary is asking for justice. A terrorist is making a statement.

Can you name some other ways that revolutionaries differ from terrorists?