Monday, May 16, 2005

This MSM Error Causes Deaths

A story in Newsweek about US Officials flushing copies of the Koran down the toilet has been proven unfounded. Somehow, "sorry" just doesn't cut it.
We regret that we got any part of our story wrong, and extend our sympathies to victims of the violence and to the U.S. soldiers caught in its midst," Whitaker wrote in the magazine's latest issue, due to appear on U.S. newsstands on Monday.

This "inaccurate story" lead to 16 deaths and more than 100 injuries. Read the full story at Netscape News.

As a sidebar, I heard a report on ABC that this story could have been confused from an account that an Islamic detainee had torn pages from his Koran and used them to plug a toilet to cause it to overflow. Whether this toilet stoppage story is true or not, I don't know (it was on ABC!) but consider the irony if it is true. We have people killed over a "desecration" that Islamic fundamentalists believed had been perpetrated by officials of the United States when in fact it was a Muslim that had "done the dirty deed." Would the same riot have occurred if the "correct" story had been reported?

I do believe that the MSM just crossed the line from incompetent and mean spirited to dangerous. Where do we go from here?