Monday, June 27, 2005

Duck Fudge: Revisited

I made another batch of fudge last night; Of coarse, it's gone already but, hey, that just gives me an excuse to make another batch. The recipe is always handy because I posted it as "Duck Fudge" to the Flaming Duck!

This morning I was just browsing the Internet and I found a site called The Science of Cooking. I thought, "Could they really have a good, understandable explanation of the 'art' of fudge making?" A quick search yielded this fudge recipe. I even learned a little something. This recipe calls for cooling the fudge to 110 degrees before beginning the beating process. I think I'll try it that way. Yes...maybe another batch this evening to test the new method. Testing is always a good excuse to make fudge!