Thursday, June 16, 2005

"I'd Rather be a Koran in Gitmo than a Bible in Saudi Arabia"

From Ralph Peters in the NY Post Online.

"The Gitmo controversy is about many things, from jealousy of the United States and outrage that we refuse to fail, to residual anger that we won the Cold War and exploded the left's great fantasy of a dictatorship of the intellectuals. But the one thing the protests aren't about is human rights.

Except, of course, as a means to slam the United States.

Torture? Who and when? Koran abuse? I'd rather be a Koran in Gitmo than a Bible in Saudi Arabia. Illegal detentions? Suggest a better way to handle hardcore terrorists. Maltreatment? Spare me. The food the prisoners receive is better than what I had to eat in the Army."

Ralph quacked it better than I ever could.

Reading the whole column will require a free registration but is well worth the effort.

Go read it! New York Post Online Edition: GITMO COCKTAIL By RALPH PETERS

(hat tip to Rush Limbaugh)