Tuesday, June 28, 2005

KELO Fallout: Revisited (that was fast!)

I bloviated just yesterday about how states and municipalities have the ability to prevent some of the awful abuses that could result from the Supreme Court KELO decision. Unfortunately it looks like KELO was just what some local governments were looking for. Here is an article about how Freeport Texas has already jumped on the KELO bandwagon and is trying to seize a private business for another private business; all in the name of "economic development."

Please note that this article does mention that Texas law has a provision that:
allows residents of a city to a circulate a petition to call a vote on whether the city can take property using eminent domain.

The abuse "allowed" by KELO can be thwarted at the state and local level. But the citizens must demand the protection.

(hat tip to Eye of Polyphemus)