Monday, July 18, 2005

Preventing a "Roveing."

Question: How can one prevent being falsely accused of a crime?
Answer: By making sure all the facts are released before the "Roveing."

Before someone attempts to ruin my reputation, it is possible that I have two acquaintances who may have been in the CIA. (as we used to say in the Navy, this is a real 'no shitter' meaning 'I'm not joking.')

Acquaintance #1
I have a friend who confided in me that his father was a spy plane pilot. He said that he never knew when or where his dad's next flight was going but that he hated not being able to know what his dad did for a living. I met his father once but I cannot remember his name. I have not spoken to these gentlemen for 22 years so I can't say if his occupation is still the same.

Acquaintance #2
I graduated high school with a friend who went to college and majored in "Russian Studies." At various high school reunions he was very secretive about his career, only saying he "traveled abroad." I haven't spoken to him in 15 years.

For the record, I cannot confirm that these gentlemen are, or ever did, work for the CIA. I have disclosed within this post all the information I have about these two individuals. I am not going to name these acquaintances because it appears that I have a closer connection to them than Karl Rove has to "Joe Wilson's wife" and I don't want to risk being accused of outing an operative. I just hope that this post shows that I am not trying to cover-up any important information.

I would urge anyone else who has acquaintances who might be in the CIA to come clean also! Protect yourself from a possible Roveing.