Saturday, July 02, 2005

My Duck Conscience is Clear!

Question: Has politics become the high art of slander?
Answer: Truth is generally the best vindication against slander. Abraham Lincoln

On Thursday, I posted a quick note about a new poll. The poll, conducted by Democracy Corps, indicated 43 percent of voters favored the Republican Party, while 38 percent had positive feelings about Democrats. The clincher in the article was a finding that said:
"the slippage [is related] to voters' perceptions that Democrats have 'no core set of convictions or point of view'."
Since writing that post, I began to wonder about the "cause" of that perception. Is it true that liberals have no core set of values? I actually have several liberal friends who have a great set of values. It just seems that they can't translate self-indulgent values like concern about family, health and environment into self-less values like god, honor and country. I just find it amazing that they are still more worried about the horrors of fast food than they are about the safety of this nation. Still, I value their friendship none the less. My greatest concern was that somehow, by pointing out the differences between the value sets in the political arena, conservatives had unjustly saddled liberals with this "valueless" reputation.

But then Rick Moran, at Rightwing Nuthouse, publishes an article called THE LEFT’S “WORD DEFICIT” and suddenly everything snaps back into perspective. From the article:
In the House, the International Relations Committee last week voted overwhelmingly, 32 to 9, to call on the White House to develop and submit a plan to Congress for establishing a stable government and military in Iraq that would “permit a decreased US presence” in the country. Congresswomen Maxine Waters (D/CA)—along with 41 Congressional progressives, including Woolsey, John Lewis, Charles Rangel, Jim McGovern, Rush Holt, Marcy Kaptur and Jan Schakowsky—has just formed the “Out of Iraq Congressional Caucus.” Its sole purpose, Waters says, “is to be the main agitators in the movement to bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan.” And Rep John Conyers’ impassioned efforts to bring attention to the Downing Street Memo—on Thursday he held hearings on Capitol Hill and then delivered to the White House letters that contained the names of more than 560,000 Americans demanding answers to questions raised by the British memo—has reenergized and refocused opposition to the war.

All in all, the left thinks that they’ve got the Bush Administration on the run. But in all the celebratory encomiums and congratulatory backslapping, there’s not a word about what they believe the enemy thinks about their campaign to deliberately undermine the war effort. This is no accident as there has been a “word deficit” on the part of the left since the War on Terror and especially since the war in Iraq began.

The article shows "precisely" why the citizens of the United States have begun to feel that liberal values are not real values. Republicans only need to repeat the liberal tirades. No embellishment, no exaggeration, no overstatement needed. My conscience is clear. Go read the whole article.