Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"Stop the Presses!"

Question What does one do when he finds himself on the wrong side of history?
Answer Rewrite the history, of course.

So much of what is bad about the Untied States is a direct result of a political "rewrite" of history. Activists with significant hidden agendas have chosen to bolster their warped view of the world with an equally warped view of past events.

Take for example our current Supreme Court. Five activist justices "rewrote" the constitution in Kelo v. City of New London when they continued the "reinterpretation" of the constitutional phrase "public use" as "public benefit."
Astute readers will quickly note that the phrase "public benefit" is far broader than the constitutional words "public use." That latter phrase clearly covers only two situations. The first arises when land is taken to build government facilities, such as forts, or to construct infrastructure, such as highways, open to all. The second covers those cases where property is taken by, or conveyed to, private parties who are duty bound to keep it open to all users.
Now I need only keep my lawn neater than my neighbor and I can ask the local governing body to condemn my neighbors home and give it to me.

The political left did it when they stated that "no one really won the cold war."
Professor Steel seems to regret the end of the cold war; he writes, "In its perverted way, the cold war was a force for stability."
Yes, let's all go back to the days of the Cuban Missle Crisis!

Now Al-Jazeera is trying to do it by equating all religions with the current radical Islamic terrorists.
There are terrorists in every religion and nationality. Perhaps, by chance, there are Muslims who carry out some of the terrorist operations at this stage, but Jews carried out terrorist operations in the past, and Christians have carried out terrorist operations as well. No religion has a monopoly on terrorism.
Are they Muslims or are they terrorists? I have Muslim friends. All terrorists are my enemy.

The activists will continue to try to change history but there is a difference. We now have a blogosphere filled with people living the events that will soon be recorded as "history." Our current daily history will be recorded by those who lived it, not by some activist removed by several decades from the event itself. There will be differing opinions written and preserved for all time on blogs of all political stripes. The average duck now has the opportunity to stand up and say, "Wait! No one speaks for me! That historian DOES NOT express my view. Listen to me. Weigh it with hundreds, if not thousands, of other experiences and thereby REALLY understand the events that are shaping this world."

Read each of the articles and then see how your own blog fits into the bigger picture.