Friday, July 15, 2005

To the Crux of the Matter (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series, I linked to to a piece by Jeff at Protein Wisdom that helps us understand how to define terrorism. Part 2 links to a post by Shakey Pete that uses a few more words to help us understand why we MUST kill terrorists and some possible unsavory options. It's not a matter of politics, or revenge, or hatred, or lack of understanding. It's a matter of defending you and yours. From the post Shakey Pete's Shootin' Shack: Sometimes I Kill Snakes, A Lesson For Islam:
When I kill a snake it's not out of hatred, I actually think snakes are kind of cool... My rule is a simple one with snakes, if they aren't dangerous to me or mine, they go about their snakey business unmolested by me. If they are dangerous, I kill them. Without hatred, without anger and without regret. While I will kill the snakes that endanger me or mine, I'm equally aware of the role they play in nature. Kill them I will, though...

Here's how this relates to Islamic terrorism. Snakes are easily recognizable. I can tell a venomous snake by sight. Most, like the Rattlesnakes of my home range, have a peculiar head shape. Others, like the Coral snake have a distinctive color scheme and there ain't nothin' but a Cottonmouth that looks like a Cottonmouth. The trouble with Islamic terrorists is that they have no such distinctive appearance. If they did, it would be very easy to root them out. They don't have a distinctive head shape, nor color scheme. This is how they manage to present a danger. Unfortunately they don't just present a danger to us Infidels. There was a time, before we learned to differentiate between venomous snakes and harmless ones, snakes, of any kind, were killed on sight. If there was no easy way to distinguish the harmless from the venomous, they still would be.

Let's hope that by using all of the ability (covert intelligence, precision strikes and military might) that we have today we can kill the terrorism "snake" by chopping off it's head because terror is like the cottonmouth. It comes after you even if you don't disturb it.

My biggest fear is that the situation is as characterized by some of my liberal friends (we will never stop terrorists from perpetuating the hate) then we may have no alternative but to protect ourselves. And if we cannot identify the terrorist from the peace loving Muslim, well then... No, I am not talking about exterminating Muslims (that was your thought, not mine) but if the threat comes from flooding rivers you have to building dikes and dams.

This is why it is SO important for the Muslim community to stand up and shout, "We hate terrorists and we will not stand for that influence to be perpetuated." Only someone on the inside can stop the rot occuring on the inside. But I am heartened by one bright spot. The recent Islamic demonstrations in London give me hope that this situation can be solved with out resorting to the "worst case" option.