Thursday, August 04, 2005

Poor Helen Thomas Redux!

While perusing the latest reading recommendation provided to me by WitNit, I found an amazing allusion to the current Helen Thomas situation. It's in a book called "The Gift of Fire" by Richard Mitchell. I can't tell you what I think of the book (yet) because I found Ms. Thomas in the Introduction. From the introduction to "The Gift of Fire":
"The castigation of fools is, of course, an ancient and honorable task of writers and, unless very poorly done, an enterprise that will usually entertain those who behold it. No matter what else we imagine that we believe about the propriety of compassion for the unfortunate, we do like to see fools exposed. It's funny. And it is not only funny; it is the great theme of Comedy, and a mild, domestic counterpart of the great theme of Tragedy, in which we rejoice, however sadly, to see villains brought down."

What really made me chuckle was inserting the name of Helen Thomas (or any other fool du jour) in all the appropriate places. I think you'll find that it works on sooo many levels when you also insert her name appropriately in the last sentence.