Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Days and Other Silly Greetings

I read Down with Absolutes! on occasion for his liberal take on life. He is a good writer with a sharp wit. We have a good relationship in that he accepts me as a conservative and I do likewise with his liberalism.

I like that liberals want to be totally inclusive. I have that same goal in life. What I find amazing, though, is that liberals feel the best way to practice that inclusion is by making sure that they leave NO ONE out of their holiday greeting. Yet, they are more than willing to rail on the administration (and conservatives in general) about anything and everything.

Me, I would rather wish someone a "Merry Christmas" and leave it at that. If I know that you're Jewish or Muslim or that you celebrate Kwanzaa or Festivus, I render the appropriate greeting (I, like Mike, am not sure exactly what drunkards celebrate this time of year). If I wish you a "Merry Christmas" and you answer with "Happy Chanukah" I will be more than happy to return the greeting.

Seems to me the real answer to an equal society is accepting people as they are and expecting to be accepted for what I am. Spewing some watered down, silly, meaningless greeting that tries to include anyone within earshot doesn't help. This is not inclusion, its dilution and it only succeeds in alienating everyone. Everyone, that is, except like minded, silly liberals. Maybe that’s why their numbers are shrinking and their club is becoming more exclusive by the hour.