Sunday, February 06, 2005

This is why I blog!

As I was heading back to bed (see **COUGH** (sniffle) !!sneeze!! for a complete explanation), I decided to check out one of my favorite blogs, The Daily Demarche. It was here that I learned that The Diplomad will post no more. I must say it was the existence of The Daily Demarche and The Diplomad that prompted me to start The Flaming Duck. You see, conservative State Department Officials working in a highly liberal department write these blogs. My situation is similar. I am a conservative local government official trying to stay afloat in a liberal environment. On a much more humble scale, I am trying to show that conservatism is right at the local level. Anyway, farewell Diplomad! We do hope to see you as a guest on other blogs.

But despite the sadness, my eyes were opened to a post to New Sisyphus, another conservative State Department "brother in arms". Here you will find a post entitled New Sisyphus: Rhymes with Dubya: The President and His Critics. This post cuts thru all the anti-war rhetoric and nails exactly why the Bush doctrine is the only option that has a chance of working. After setting the stage, writing extensively about the "silly" comments of the current liberal establishment, New Sisyphus then says this about the Bush Doctrine:
The President takes a completely different approach, which goes a long way to explaining why he gets under the skin of experts like Clarke or MSM types like Fallows. Having dispensed with the old way of doing business, Bush has embarked upon a risky policy that relies on high-level political change in the Middle East to change the fundamental dynamic between the Islamic world and the West. With the change in Iraq, and pressure elsewhere for change in the Middle East, the President thinks that the answer to Islamic Fascism is Islamic Democracy.

We have tried ignoring the problem of terrorism. We have tried appeasement. Now we are going to do it the "right" way. Go read the entire post. It'll do you good!