Friday, April 08, 2005

Flaming Duck – 1; WitNit – 0

Thus endth the first Battle of the Stupid Jokes. The Flaming Duck has successfully defended the title! Though the challenge was clear, WitNit’s stupid joke reservoir was empty and he resorted to ad hominem attacks =;o).

But never fear. Once this duck sets his teeth into something, he never lets go. (of course, duck teeth aren’t that long…). Oh sure, WitNit can write great poetry. He can spew interesting tidbits about how the mind works. He can even give us an intriguing exercise showing the importance of pondering great art. But he can’t TELL A STUPID JOKE. So…

Once again I throw down the gauntlet. Once again, I ask Wit(less)Nit to hit me with his best stupid joke. Once again, I think WitNit will shirk the challenge.

Here’s the first shot!

Just after the break up of the Soviet Union, Rudolph, a former official in the communist party, and his wife, Natasha, were spending a cold December in Siberia. Late in the evening of December 24th, Rudolph opened the door to get more firewood and found that it was raining!

“Natasha, come quick.” Rudolph said, “It is raining in Siberia in December.”

Natasha, not willing to leave the warm fire said, “Rudolph, you must be joking.”

“I am not joking, it’s raining!”

“Are you sure Rudolph? Sometimes snow looks like rain.”

“I am sure,” replied Rudolph. Then he added,

“Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear!’

Take that, WitNit!