Friday, May 27, 2005

My Kind of Meme

Once again, I try to get back into posting with a meme. Poliblogger has a Friday Fun Meme that I can enjoy.

Ten things I have done, that most people haven’t:

10. chipped a tooth on the bottom of a swimming pool. (still gives me the shivers just thinking about it.)
9. had some poetry published.
8. shook the hand of Spiro Agnew.
7. successfully made REAL fudge (the recipe is here.)
6. pulled a fire alarm.
5. eaten haggis (in Scotland).
4. seen Lassie in "person" (did you know "she" is really a "he?").
3. been the cause of a power outage...that affected 400+ buildings...over 1 square mile. (don't ask.)
2. smelled chlorine gas (silly teenage experiment that could have killed me!)

And the #1 thing that I have done that most people haven't is:

1. Stood on (and then sat down on) the top of a nuclear reactor (it wasn't running at the time, silly...and yes all my kids ARE perfectly normal!).