Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Dan Fogelberg Saves the Flaming Duck

Question: How do you maintain your TTLB rank when you don't post?
Answer: Write a post about a popular subject and put the right words in the title.

Unfortunately, my real job (you can thank email2blogger for this post) continues to intrude on my passions. I had expected to see the Flaming Duck sink into the primordial ooze of the TTLB but that didn't happen. Why? One single post about the Dan Fogelberg cancer announcement continues to garner enough Google hits to keep my head above water (which shouldn't be hard for a duck but when you don't post...).

Is this how the big boys do it? Write about popular subjects and then get indexed by Google? You learn something new every day!

Update: As of 25May05, 84 of the last 93 searches that resulted in a referrer to the Flaming Duck contained the words "Dan Fogelberg." Dan, I love your music and wish you only the best in your cancer treatment but I love you even more for the visitors you send to the Flaming Duck!