Monday, August 08, 2005

No Additional Attacks?

Question: Why haven't there been additional suicide attacks on US soil?
Answer: There are several reasons.

USA Today has a good article on the subject titled Why suicide attackers haven't hit U.S. again.

The reasons suggested really cover the full range of thoughts. From the article:
  • Suicide terror takes a team.

  • U.S. Muslims want the American dream, not jihad.

  • The U.S. homeland is better protected.

  • Al-Qaeda Central is dead.

  • Bin Laden is patiently planning another blockbuster.

  • Muslim terrorists are focused on U.S. allies in Europe and U.S. troops in Iraq.

  • We've been lucky.

Read the article for the details behind each point.

I think that the ultimate answer is some combination of all the above. As long as everyone realizes that another terrorist attack is possible then we can continue our efforts to prevent them and reap the benefits of the good luck that we have enjoyed to date.