Sunday, April 10, 2005

Flaming Duck - 5; WitNit - 4!

WitNit throws a flurry of stupidfunny jokes in the latest update to Test for Dementia. The first two were decent but didn't score well. Only the last landed a belly laugh. Flaming Duck's coordination between a stinging combo of three jokes put him into the lead.

The Flaming Duck seems to be slightly off his form. Normally stupid jokes are his stock and trade. Since he stepped into the ring with WitNit though, the jokes thrown were, well, they lacked either stupid or funny.
QUESTION: What do you call a deer without an eye?
ANSWER: No idear.

QUESTION: What do you call a deer without legs or eyes?
ANSWER: Still no idear.

Oh did you see that! The ignited drake threw a stupidstupid joke! Jokes must be clever but they must also be easy to understand and this one is definitely not easy to understand. I have no IDEAR why the duck threw that one. How will WitNit react to that?!