Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Some New News

Question: What is the difference between a true partisan and a middle of the road hack.
Answer: A true partisan practices what he preaches.

Most of you know that your friendly ignited drake served in the Navy Submarine Corp. I enlisted to "get away" from a steady diet of public schooling for a few years. It turned into one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life. I knew, from the time that I raised my hand and swore to defend the Constitution of the United States, that I was part of something much larger. I was part of the defense of this great country.

My middle son is now considering a stint in the Marine Corp. He is a different person than I, seeking physical rather than mental stimulation. The physical nature of a Marine MOS interests him while the cerebral nature of the Submarine Corp does not. But his goal is the same, to serve those that he loves. I am trying to make sure that he fully understands what he is asking for. The Marines during war time is a far different situation than the Navy during peace time. Because of that, there is a bit of fear creeping into our discussions. I am, in the end, his father and I do not send him into harms way without some careful consideration. Still, the decision is his.

So, to all of you anti-war liberals who rant against conservatives saying “You wouldn’t send your own children to Iraq, would you!” I say, “I will.” Not because I want to bury my child but because I understand the nature of the sacrifice. I served and I will support my child in his desire to serve.

I will let everyone know how his decision turns out. Till then, please pray for his clarity of mind and an understanding of the ramifications of his decisions. I might need to brush off my salute.

(I wish I could say that this post was the start of more posting activity but I can't. Things at work are just too dangerous for me too risk a post that gets misinterpreted. Only news of a possible Marine in the family is worthy of such a risk.)